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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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i just want to point out it doesn't stop here. go to my facebook page, tell me what you thought of today's show, or my show page @trishill intel. liz, over to you. liz: thank you, trish. i will be there tonight with team fox business. lou, neil, everybody, and we have a lot to talk about. romney robocalls, loyalty pledges and cheating accusations against senator ted cruz again highlighting republican day on the campaign trail. four states set to vote today as the democrats and republicans hold primary elections in michigan and mississippi. plus, a caucus in hawaii. donald trump and hillary clinton still the clear front-runners at this hour, both expected to take the majority of delegates in today's contests. but the other campaigns are fighting, kicking, scratching to land more delegates tonight. senator ted cruz sticking with the theme that his campaign is, quote, the only one that can
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derail the trump locomotive. wait til you hear what he's slamming trump for now. trump not the only target. senator marco rubio accusing the cruz campaign of dirty tricks and spreading false rumors that rubio may soon drop out of the race. very similar to the rumors back during the iowa caucus against ben carson. now, if the phone rings, it might be mitt. mitt romney sticking up for golf john kasich and rubio -- governor john kasich and rubio, far from down attacking trump. romney now making robocalls in a last ditch effort to stymy trump's ride. our crack political panel on the try yee of tech titans trying to help the gop figure out what they can't seem to do on their own; stop donald trump. wall street well off the lows of the session, still down though. we have the dow jones industrials lower by 61 pointings. can it turn it around and make it a sixth straight day of gains? and shake shack is falling at this hour, why that might just
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be the perfect sink your teeth into it buying opportunity. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: fighting hard to keep the streak alive, the dow is shaving about 100 points of its nearly 152-point loss at the low today. but what do we have here? the dow is lower by 61, s&p down 15, and look at oil. all it took was goldman sachs waving investors off the recent rally that we've seen lately. goldman saying, you know what? forget it, the rally is premature. to oil had its first down day in three sessions or, down 3, nearly 4% this hour standing at $36.42 a barrel. in the meantime, talk about a tech crunch. micron technologies plummeting 7%. this after analysts raised quite the warning flag yesterday. so what they did was they met
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with suppliers of d-ram, and one analyst said that oversupply concerns is the reason for cutting the price target to $8. so right now at $10.76, micron is falling. still not close, though, to $8. is american express maxed out? that spike you saw yesterday was the result of charlie gasparino's reporting that the credit card company was possibly looking to become an acquisition target. what do we have here? we have another 1% gain. ceo ken chenault may have, according to gasparino, lost the confidence of investors and board members as the stock has plummeted 25% over just the past year. so right now gaining 1% and then another percent yesterday, so we're continuing to follow that story. but in the meantime, we are less than five, call it five hours from the first polls closing, and we've got team fox business coverage on the latest clash of the campaigns. take a look at our team. jeff flock taking the temperature of voter sentiment at a polling station in grand rapids, michigan.
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blake burman with breaking news on yet another dirty tricks e-mail tied to senator ted cruz. he's in north carolina. and ed henry live at clinton headquarters in clear f cleveland. but first to michigan, tonight's biggest prize for both the democrats and republicans and perhaps donald trump's next major test. while he has enjoyed double-digit leads in the state, polling seems to indicate a late surge by ohio governor john kasich. michigan voters lock -- flocking to the polls where jeff flock is standing by in grand rapids. right, jeff? what's the sentiment on the ground? >> reporter: absolutely. well, you know, they thought this was going to be one of the busiest polling stations in grand rapids. it hasn't really been so today, and turnout's big. if it's big, it's a boost for trump and sanders. if it's not, perhaps it's a help to the others. you report the surge by kasich, we've talked on the ground to people, it's anecdotal, but late breakers according to the polls too seem to be headed kasich's way.
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talked to voters about why that might be. they say they want somebody who's not bought by wall street. you think that might be trump, but it could be kasich. take a listen. >> he's not bought out by wall street, which is why i chose him over hillary. if i were to choose a second candidate, it would have been kasich on the republican side, because i feel as though he's not bought out by the government as well. >> i don't think it's a lost cause yet, and, you know, i probably will support hillary if she ends up being the democratic candidate, but right now i feel like we need to really push for bernie. >> reporter: important to note, liz, this is a state where democrats can vote in the republican primary, republicans can vote in the democratic primary. we talked to some democrats who said, you know what? we thinkhill rhode island's -- hillary's safe, so we're going to take a republican ballot. these folks seem to be voting along the lines of john kasich. see how it comes out.
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liz: i mean, is it chess, is it checkers? i don't know what kind of game this is, russian roulette? >> reporter: exactly. liz: thank you of very much, jeff flock. the campaign trail looking more like a political war zone with new charges of dirty tricks within the republican party. the candidates involved this time, senators ted cruz and marco rubio. the cruz team in hawaii circulating this e-mail to voters. i want you to look closely at this right now. it's got the cruz campaign logo prominently placed, the e-mail stating that rubio's advisers are, quote, telling him to drop out of the race and that a vote for rubio is a wasted vote. they even quote unnamed caucus voters in hawaii saying, you know what? i don't want to waste my vote, so i guess i'll go with ted cruz. the rubio campaign counterpunching saying, not true. this is just another dirty trick by the cruz camp. blake burman is in north carolina where i understand we now have reaction from senator cruz? >> yeah, that's exactly right.
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ted cruz sat down with megyn kelly in an event to be aired on her show tomorrow night. he was asked directly about this issue. here was cruz responding just a little while ago. megyn: the e-mail says multiple media reports say marco rubio's being pressured to drop out before florida and his campaign denies it. do you stand by that? do you call for that to be pulled? >> well, look, the nature of politics is that when a campaign is flailing, they attack. and they attack other candidates, and they attack their integrity. this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not affiliated with the campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization from the campaign. we have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i cannot control, nor do i want to control what 200,000 volunteers do. megyn: you don't stand by it. >> our legal counsel sent them a letter saying take that e-mail down. one volunteer sent out -- and by
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the way, they forwarded a cnn story that was the lead story on drudging, is what the volunteer did. now, we asked them to take it down anyway. >> reporter: liz, this is clearly one of the last things that the cruz campaign wants to have to deal with on this day and election day. the rubio campaign is jumping all over this as well. they sent out an e-mail to supporters entitled "ben carson," trying to equate this to what the cruz campaign was accused of doing to carson back in iowa. rubio phoned in to brian kilmeade's radio show and responded earlier this morning. >> the point is, it ain't true. it's a lie and, unfortunately, you know, it looks like ted cruz's campaign has been putting out e-mails in places like hawaii telling people about it. and we saw that with ben carson earlier. >> reporter: so here we to go. hawaii becoming an issue. who would have thought on this day where four states are up in play including michigan, mississippi and idaho. liz, i should mention we are in
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north carolina. cruz about to give a speech to about a thousand people here later this amp. back to you. liz: amazing development. it's really unbelievable. thank you very much, blake, for updating us on that. now, while mr. cruz is hoping for a surprise win tonight, democratic front-runner hillary clinton is hoping for no surprises. as the front-runner in michigan, she's now turning to the buckeye state, prepping for a rally in cleveland, ohio, tonight at 7 p.m. fox news' ed henry is right there in cleveland with the hillary camp where i'm sure they're quite focused on ohio's primary which is a week from tonight. >> reporter: that's right, liz. and she has the luxury, as you note, as the front-runner in appearing to have big leads tonight in michigan and mississippi, a smaller basket of states for democrats than republicans have tonight. that's the focus, those two states. she has the lead there, so she's already looking ahead, as you say, to next tuesday here in ohio. and why that's significant is the sanders camp, bernie sanders' folks have been telling us they see michigan today and
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ohio next tuesday as critical because of the loss of manufacturing jobs here. they think white working class voters that might find appeal in bernie sanders will hear his message and flock to him. well, so far the polls have been suggesting clinton has a comfortable lead at least in michigan. we'll see what happens next week in ohio. last night, of course, clinton appeared for the first time on fox news channel in two years at a town hall meeting and was pressed about her e-mail controversy. she insisted that she had done nothing wrong, and it appears with bernie sanders not really making that an issue in these primaries that she's sort of out of the woods in the short term. the long-term question is going to be whether or not she gets this nomination and in the general election continues to get questions about whether she's honest and trustworthy. i think the more short-term, medium-term issue for her how she brings along the sanders' supporters to her camp. some of them are quite vocal, passionate, say they don't want to be with clinton. there's even speculation there'll be a clinton/sanders
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ticket, both for now saying they haven't had any talks along those lines. liz: ed henry, thank you very much. that rally tonight. today's primary is just a huge business story in michigan. the auto industry has been pretty much the comeback story of the decade. so you can imagine that anyone in the auto-related business world is watching this election like a hawk. hillary clinton, bernie sanders battling for votes over their support of the auto bailout to. check out last night's democratic town hall on fox news. >> of course i voted in the one senate vote that i had the opportunity to vote to support the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was the bailout of wall street. [applause] and that is, certainly, what senator clinton was talking about. she did vote for that. liz: so how will the auto industry cast its vote in michigan? let's put a fine point on it. the economic impact is huge, $57 billion per year.
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joining us now, glenn stevens, vp at the detroit regional chamber. he's had more than two and a half decades of experience working with and in various capacities across the auto industry. great to have you, glenn. right off the bat i need to ask you, you know, what do the michigan voters and many of you are involved in the auto industry need to hear from both sides? >> well, first of all, liz, welcome -- thank you for having me and greetings from the motor city. liz: sure. >> what they want to hear, people in michigan, you know, this is our industry. it's the global epicenter for the automotive industry. we're leading the efforts in connected and autonomous vehicle research here in michigan. the people of michigan want the candidates to understand the impact that the industry has on their local economies and on the national economies. and that means that we have to understand the key issues, and that starts with education, making sure that we have the talent pipeline, but it also carries forward in trade and making sure that we have policy and regulation and trailed and commerce that enables us to
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compete on a global basis. liz: so, glenn, is it a deal-breaker, any candidate who would have been against the auto industry bailout? >> well, i don't know that it's a deal-breaker, but people here really, really understand the impact because they've worked in it. it's in our dna, so to speak. so it's important that, you know, if you go back to what president bush did, i think president obama carried forward to be part of the solution to the industry moving forward. liz: where do you think the auto industry is standing from the union standpoint, right? we know that unions tend to often go in the democratic side of this, but donald trump has been getting a lot of blue collar worker vote here and a lot of traction there. what do you hear from people with whom you work over at the mich auto organization? >> well, the industry has many stakeholders, and the uaw and organized labor is as important a stakeholder as anyone. so the voice of those different stakeholders is very important. and they, you know, people vote
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on different lines and for different reasons. liz: sure. >> we have 13 assembly plants here, and those plants are organized labor. they're very important to the economy here. so protecting and maintaining those jobs here is extremely important. at the same time, we need to be able to compete on a global basis, so, you know -- liz: so trade is an issue. okay, then let me push you here. donald trump has said i want to smack down trade and make sure that it's fair trade, but that means slapping all kinds of tariffs on things with mexico. ford has a plant in mexico. that's called the free market, okay? and we have a buick plant in china, you know that tesla's very interested in putting plants in china. that can't be a positive if somebody wants to slap tariffs there. >> well, free trade's important, but it has to be balanced and fair trade. so having the proper free trade agreements with the right countries is extremely important. and, frankly, that's one of the reasons mexico has had growth. they've got a tremendous amount of free trade agreements with the rest of the world, almost twice as many as the united states. liz: right, sure. >> so they have the labor, they
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have the policy in place, and that's a big advantage they have versus our country. so it's important for us to compete and to put those policies in place to be able to compete with those countries like that. liz: glenn, do you have a horse in this race, anybody you're backing? >> well, i voted this morning. i haven't picked a horse, but i'm looking personally for someone who's going to be that statesman or states person, stateswoman who's going to reach across the aisle and make things happen for the industry and the economy long term. so that's my politically correct answer for you. liz: you know what? i'll take it. it's respectful to say i don't have to reveal that on national television. [laughter] i get it. i hear what you just said, i read between the lines. glenn, thank you so much, glenn stevens. >> thank you. thanks for your time. liz: so much more on the presidential primaries right here on fox business. so tonight, lou dobbs, neil cavuto and liz claman with team fox business, both the democratic and republican rate races all night tonight.
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everything starts at 7 p.m. with "lou dobbs tonight." closing bell, 44 minutes away. our dow heat map, the laggard here is cater bill lahr, the leader, home depot. shake shack shaken and stirred at this hour, the lowest rise in the last three quarters, but the actual number, it was a rise of 11%. so this pullback of the stock of 10%, some stay it might be the ultimate buying opportunity considering that most shake shacks have lines of hungry customers snaking through the front door and around the block. growth is hot in airports and suburbs. goldman sachs throws ice cold water on the commodity rally. is it a head fake, or are commodities set to finally take off? the dow jones industrials down 83 points. we're going to get that answer from our traders on the floor show. "countdown" coming right back. was engineered...
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. liz: we've got some breaking news just coming in. reuters is reporting that a u.s.-led air strike has culled abu omaral shah sanny. known as omar the chechnyan, killed on friday during a coalition attack in syria. there had been, listen to this, a $5 million reward forral shah sanny who was the terror group's
3:21 pm
de facto minister of war. this is a big get, certainly, for the military and for the allies here. omar the chechnyan, dead. let us get to oil, also a big middle eastern story. it is settling at $36.50, the first down day in three. and overseas brent settled at $39.65, the second highest of 2016, but it was above 40 yesterday. why the red on the screen? goldman sachs came out today warning investors the commodities still could have further to fall and that the rally is somewhat of a head fake. so gasoline following suit, having a down day as well, trading around $1.39 right now. $1.38, down 9% so far this year. that's good news for the consumers out there. dr. copper had its biggest slide in -- dr. copper? [laughter] call it copper. copper had its biggest slide in four months, trading -- [laughter] around $1.39 level.
3:22 pm
right now it's at $2.22. this is a mess. gold is pulling back by $1.50. investors seeking safe havens, not finding it today. why? china, china, china. weak chinese trade data, so right now all the commodities pulling back thanks to goldman sachs and china. meanwhile, even though palladium is at october highs even though it was down today by 2.75%. again, what's the news there? china will ramp up production of pollution-preventing devices in cars. normally you would see a move higher in palladium, but again, it's just a red day on the screen here. platinum posting its biggest gains since last week, today also pulling back, and let's look over to silver for all you metal hounds. silver surprised the street, but it's down one and a third percent, so that's actually not a surprise. turning to soft commodities, looking at wheat. wheat is trading up
3:23 pm
three-quarters of a percent. so your breakfast cereal doing well today. okay, that's electronic trading, just so you know. so is all of this that's happenings in the commodity world these past six sessions where we saw the crb index moving higher, was it a big head fake? let's get to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and nymex. we're calling everybody a doctor. [laughter] >> i made it. liz: steven, is this china or goldman sachs that's pulling down pretty much the broader markets here? >> it's more goldman sachs than it is china. i mean, china put a dent in the futures market this morning, but the selloff we're see anything the energy, materials and transimportants sectors, that's more of a goldman sachs thing. i'm a little bit okay now that i see gold is part of the move to safety. we're not seeing that. and we did get a strong technical bounce when we hit 19
3:24 pm
79 on the s&p 500 earlier in the day. looks like we might test it again. it's about four points away. liz liz larry shover, there seems to be a better, more salubrious effect at least lately where people say the worst is behind us. >> yeah, absolutely. right now the market is not as positive as it was negative on february the 10th when we hit that low. but it's getting there. but people realize that we've had some good data points. ism number was good, we have construction spending, blf report, all of that is very good, and today it's like a breather after seeing a shockingly bad chinese export and import number. but, yeah, right now we are positive. maybe i'm not, but the market behind me is positive. not necessarily overpositive. liz: overpositive. [laughter] you mean -- >> overly positive. liz: well, the nasdaq's getting slammed right now.
3:25 pm
we're up -- down 42 points at the moment. but to elliott warren and looking at the oil moment here. you had goldman sachs throwing ice cold gatorade, let's just call it that, on a cold day, no less, right on that rally. and the markets just sort of fell. nobody's crying for the oil industry right now, but we've got to mention kuwait. kuwait came out and said we'll only freeze output if everybody else including lan does, and you know -- iran duds, and you know they won't, elliott. >> that's all well and good. listen, goldman is singing my song. every time i'm on here i think crude is a sale, and i still think that. natural gas is up two and a half cents. but as for crude, i think crude comes off. i think it'll continue to go down. nothing has changed. nobody's going to cut back production at all, and there's still tons of it in storage. there's absolutely no reason for
3:26 pm
this rally that i can see. liz: okay. so you're with goldman sachs. great to see you guys. the dow is off the lows, down 73 points, but remember, we've been lower by about 152. so there you have it, down just under half a percent. closing bell, 34 minutes away. up next, the better business bureau e sets the record straight on trump university. adam shapiro live at the bbb's new york city headquarters. and tell us if the failed business could hurt the republican front-runner. adam standing by. more "countdown" is on the way. ♪ ♪ when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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. liz: okay. so this huge question may finally be answered. was it an a minus or was it a d minus? that has been the question surrounding trump university. now, the better business bureau trying to clear the air today over the business venture for really known as trump u. donald trump has been under fire from his political rivals for the better business bureau's generating of trump
3:31 pm
university claiming that the donald lied to his customers. >> when they got the information, it became an a. >> with respect to we went back and looked at this. >> yes. >> the generating from the better bus bureau was a d minus. now there's a class action of over 5,000 plaintiffs against you, mr. trump. >> this is a civil case, very easily to have settled, could have settled now. liz: so it turns out trump university is not a university at all. it's just a class on real estate. but these are names of actual educational institutions, and they have the bert abuse bureau ratings of their own. devry education has an a-plus. university of phoenix, you can see what they've got. they are at a c level here. and then strayer university here has an a. adam shapiro has the details from the better business bureau. and is there a question of
3:32 pm
whether trump did mislead his customers? >> you decide if he misled. the question is whether he gave everybody the information to explain why he said an a, a plus. the bottom line, trump university in 2010 was a d minus generating from me better business bureau. they never accredited trump university. the reason it was a d minus, liz, is the several complaints that people are now suing mr. trump. why didn't mr. trump say it was an a-plus? well, there's a procedure here at the better business bureau. after three years, complaints disappear. they no longer exist. and if there are no complaints that no longer exist, then your generating goes up, which appeared to be what happened. trump university changed its name, don't you forget to trump entrepreneur initiative and those complaints from 2010 disappeared after trump university essentially shut down. now, the document that donald trump says confirms his at some point, well, the bbb takes issue with that. they said quote the bbb did
3:33 pm
not send a document of any kind to the republican debate site last evening. moderators did not come from the bbb that night. again, trump entrepreneur initiative is not accredited and the reason it might have an a generating is that the people who complained when it was called trump university, their complaints have vanished into thin air. back to you, liz. liz: oh, boy. all right. thank you very much. again, that story continues to be followed by fox business. the closing bell we're 27 minutes away. dow jones industrials down now 98 points. look at urban outfitters dressing up the s&p 500 nicely. or at least trying to. the apparel retailer bouncing higher after ten, count them ten brokerages raised their price targets following better than expected fourth quarter sales. the star business, hippie dippy chain free people. ticker symbol urbn.
3:34 pm
and, yes, we're saying it again -- how many times have i said that this hour? the news flow is swirling around him, he is expected to pick up wins in michigan gop tonight. have had trouble stopping his run away train but could this hold the key to slowing the billionaire businessman's march to the white house down? hour political panel on that and so much more. next on countdown. you can't go away. stay with me every day you read headlines about businesses
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anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. liz: to the numbers. 150 republican delegates are up for grabs today. and by the end end of tonight, front-runner donald trump could be a third of the way to nomination. some in the gop establishment want to stop him.
3:39 pm
they can't be news to you, we've been covering this. but on your screen, three am of, former candidate mitt romney hasn't been able to stop it. conservative radio host glenn beck couldn't stop it and neither could hobby lobby. so they've changed strategy. at american enterprise institute on a remote island after georgia, gop leaders like house speaker paul ryan and political veteran carl enlifted these men silicon valley elites like apple ceo tim cook, tesla elon musk and alphabet ceo larry page to help. can the three musketeers of silicon valley stop this truck locomotive? let's bring in simon rosenberg, a conservative radio host and fox news contributor. to you, tammy. what conservatives can't do, maybe silicon valley can do. >> yeah. this guys walking around on the island like this all day long.
3:40 pm
but, look, clearly there is concern about somebody who is completely unattached to the system as it is. you know, you've got incredible entrepreneurs like elon musk and the apple people and everything else. but there's an investment, like, google is very invested with barack obama. involved in government. these are huge global businesses. they don't -- they like things to be a little bit predictable. i do think, though, that this is an indication with what the american people are doing that they have a very different idea. our lives have suffered considerably. with michigan today, it's very interesting. it's the first industrialized state jobs problem clearly future issues regarding the future. they want people who are actually going to care about them first as opposed to the system as a whole. liz: simon, will it work? can these guys do what the conservative movement these has been able to do? i guess the establishment conservative movement. >> it's very late. trump has enormous momentum. there's some evidence that he may be slowing down a little bit. but it looks like he's going to have a good night tonight. liz: don't you find it interesting, simon, that
3:41 pm
they're turning to elon musk and tim cook? i love it. these guys are huge thinkers. but who knows maybe they support donald trump. >> yeah. and in a wacko he, what can they do? what was amazing about mitt romney's speech last week there were attacks on trump that i haven't heard before, and i wouldn't believe that these things come out now and not five or six months ago by the candidates like ted cruz and marco rubio. cruz i thought drew blood in the debate by talking about all the money that trump had funneled into hillary clinton just as recently as 2008. why haven't we been hearing months? and it raises we'll questions about the capacity of this republican field to run a basic -- you know, opposition research 101. they really blew it and now really it's late. and bottom line, liz, i think we're going to know the answer in both parties next wednesday. a lot of votes next tuesday. i think it will clarify both elections we're going to know a lot next wednesday. liz: tammy. >> i think a tactic we can
3:42 pm
take with these rich people on the island. if they're thinking about a third party run, thinking about funding for something else in the end they can't stop a trump nomination. those would be the people you would speak with with a huge amount of access to cash. something that could move something in the field. liz: a sweep tonight, tammy? >> no. i don't think so. ted cruz i think has a very good chance of taking hawaii. i think he certainly will take michigan. i think mr. kasich will give him a run for his money there. because the michiganers are looking for jobs and governor kasich has a good hit of with that. but this is a real change. it's a movement away from the things that people have seen that have failed. also a chance at taking idaho as well. two closed fields, idaho and hawaii. liz: and idaho is 32 delegates. what's the win for bernie, simon? he has to do soul searching if he doesn't come in with wins here. >> yeah. and the democratic race is not the same as the
3:43 pm
republican race. hillary is further ahead and even though bernie has won eight states now and done very well. you know, she's much closer to mathematically winning this thing. if he doesn't win michigan tonight, it gets that much harder. and it will go on for another week in both parties no matter what. each party has a debate later this week. we've got big states voting next week. but bernie needs a win tonight in michigan. we know he's going to get -- >> he won't have it, though. >> yeah. liz: we shall see. >> unpredictable -- liz: we'll be watching. >> and north carolina and illinois too, by the way,. liz: good to see all of you. guys, come on five hour energy drink. we've got a long, long election here. thank you so much to both of you. keep it right here on fox business for tammy and simon and all of team fox business' action tonight. michigan, mississippi, idaho, hawaii. live coverage 7:00 p.m. that's lou. he's going to start things on which and then i'll be joining kneel cavuto and the rest of the fox business all stars to call the races and give you real insight. closing bell 16.5 minutes
3:44 pm
away. dow jones industrials down 88 points. the business support in the election. who will get business? donald trump so far has said he doesn't need other businesses to help his self funded run for the gop nomination. charlie gasparino on why trump probably won't get that help, even if he ends up needing it. 45, folks, as in 45,000. we're about to hit 45,000 followers on twitter. @lizclaman, you can like our facebook pagan as well, countdown coming right back you both have a
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. liz: with the closing bell ringing in 12 minutes, the dow down 85 points. oil regression, giving up its
3:49 pm
gains of course since january we've seen a 30% rally in a lot of the energy names. we've got opec, russia meeting on march 20th. so right now we're just looking at a very negative market after a good, solid five-day long rally. it doesn't look like it will hold to the sixth day, though. in the meantime the business community continuing to resist the rise it of one of their own the 2016 presidential run. here's charlie gasparino been talking to businesses about this. >> well, the conventional wisdom is that donald says he's going to self fund his campaign. but he doesn't have enough money to do that. so people going around saying will you finance them? and getting the cold shoulder . liz: loans? >> well, we're going to raise money. will you give us money if donald needs it? now, we should point out donald hasn't hired these people. these are conventional bundlers. anthony scaramucci and going out to you, hey, mr. steve
3:50 pm
schwartz from blackstone, will you give money to a trump campaign, i bundle it all together if donald trump needs that money. liz: isn't that just a donation? >> yes. but there's a person who bundles those donations. liz: okay. >> what they're doing is testing the water right now. the anthony scaramucci types. and let's ask anthony one of our own whether he's doing this right now because it's a good story. liz: what's the response? >> the response is no way -- for the most part, donald is way too toxic. we should point out that donald has billionaire support, carl icahn and a few more people. but in large the general consensus in the gop business community is donald trump is too toxic. we give you money he takes it, it looks bad for us given the controversial statements. so we should point out so far donald has said he's going to self finance his campaign. and also point out that he
3:51 pm
basically has made loans to his campaign so far of $17.5 million. it generally takes a billion dollars to run a presidential campaign. so i'm going to do a little math here. let's just say that donald's persona is so great, and it generally is. good on twitter, good in social media, good in attractive media that you can cut that down to 500 million. can he self finance 500 million? if you look into some of his disclosures, he hasn't released his tax forms. but with the fbc. you see he's got securities in there, you know, and things that he could sell. stuff that's semi liquid of about 700 million. liz: well, he could always put it on his american express card. how's that for a transition? >> well, i was going to say. liz: charlie broke a yesterday on american express. >> well, $700 million would be it for him. liz: even a black card couldn't take that. >> sore you need the business community. that sent the stock up -- i want to make one.
3:52 pm
liz: well, first tell people what you said. >> we said this. the long time ceo of american express is on thin ice. people inside the company say he might not last a year. he's 64 so make him retire. but they don't have a clear path to another ceo. there's talk inside the company people inside the company confirmed to us -- and these are insiders, that, you know, they're open to a sell. that they thing could be gobbled up. who are the likely buyers? and i think this is where it got messy with some other reporters. i said wells fargo according to bankers that i talked to would be a likely buyer. i said wells fargo wants a build out its credit card business. wells fargo had no comment. later they say they're not interested in buying them. i'm just telling you that's what bankers said. but what's clear and the market is telling you is that this thing is takeover bait right now. market cap county to 55 billion, wells fargo could buy it; right? if you wanted -- you know, you need some regulatory approval. but it's not quite a trading
3:53 pm
business. it's much more of a stable business. liz: stock is up about two-thirds of a percent. >> yeah. and, by the way, we will see is down. so traders think that deal is a possibility. liz: charlie, thank you. >> thank you. liz: charlie gasparino, me, lou, team fox business. you've got to join us. the closing bell ringing in about seven minutes. how one portfolio manager has turned the dog of an investment this year. that would be analogous down 27% over the pass year. into a winner. he'll teach you how to cash in on that gas without investing in the hewell commodity. more countdown on the way can a business have a mind?
3:54 pm
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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explain how you have done it, what you're doing. hennessey utility fund is focused on distribution side. with prices low on the commodity, that is better for companies long term. they make money not by actual price of the commodity, rather how much volume is moving through their system. they charge a fee to customers. in doing so, as we've seen, increased demand over the years, and as we've seen the growing importance of natural gas in this nation, these companies continue to do well. liz: we can show the difference. in fact the divergence between how natural gas is traded one year and year-to-date, versus how your fund has been able to completely go in the opposite direction. i mean, it is like unbelievable to me as i'm looking at this.
3:59 pm
pick out two names that are in this that have been real winners. >> sure, again these are companies that are focused on the distribution side. they're natural gas utilities. these two companies are atlas energy, ticker ato. this is a $7 billion market cap company. they are based in texas. they serve eight states as the local distribution company. and they continue to reinvest in their own infrastructure. and like many utilities, in doing so, they can pass that cost on to the consumer and also earn a return on it. secondly -- liz: we've got to could. we'll put both names up on and liz claman and the facebook page. it is an you've been to pull off, with nat-gas dumping. your fund doing so well. brian kelley. hennessey funds. five-day winning streak is over.
4:00 pm
goldman sachs warning on commodities. here is the closing bell. now over to david and melissa. [closing bell rings] david: markets sinking in the final hour of trading. market is down 111 points. all the indices are down including gold and oil. i'm david asman. take a look at oil ending the day down over 4%. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." david: breaking this hour, a crucial night in republican race for the white house. we're four hours away from the polls closing in michigan where 59 gop delegates are at stake. that is tonight's biggest prize. 150 delegates are up four republicans in four states including idaho and mississippi. in two hours the first caucuses will be in hawaii. they will begin. first we go to fox news's molly line in detroit on the latest for the fight for "the wolvervine"


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